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Compliance Practice

Commercial Compliance and Audit

We offer commercial compliance and audit services to data product consumers. Our services focus on helping you comply with commercial licences and restrictions while also maximising the value of your products.

Regulatory Compliance

Our regulatory compliance service helps you ensure that your data products comply with the applicable regulations and best practices. We provide advice on data governance to create a framework for the effective management of your data assets.

Capabilities Practice


We advise our clients on connectivity solutions, distribution platforms, tick data stores, entitlement control tools, and technology due diligence to help you get the most out of your business. Our capabilities practice ensures that you have the right technology in place for optimal results.

Data Content

We execute provider search and assessment, as well as conduct research and assessment of alternative data sets, to help you make informed decisions about the content you use in your business.


Our cloud capabilities practice helps you evaluate providers, develop cloud-native data solutions, create microservices, architect cloud migrations, and design optimal cloud architecture for your business.


Our Partnerships practice helps you find the best-of-breed solutions and foster innovation. We help with partner selection for your business. We provide comprehensive advice to help ensure that you make the right decisions in order to achieve optimal results.

Commercial Practice

Cost Optimisation

We can help you optimise costs by managing user demand and helping you select data consumption, and create efficiencies and synergies.

Vendor Management

We provide comprehensive vendor management services, including commercial contract review and assessment, commercial negotiation, and alternative vendor research and advisory. Our experts can help you find the best vendors for your business while providing cost optimisation solutions to ensure maximum efficiency.

Data Monetization

We help you unlock the potential of your data by providing comprehensive asset assessments, market evaluations, and positioning, product design, and prototyping, testing, as well as go-to-market strategies. Our experts can help you capitalise on your data in an effective and efficient way.


Preparing to Succeed

Signing NDAs & Agreements and planning out specific tasks with objectives and goals.

Proving Worth

Demonstrating tangible results through a limited engagement that typically lasts 8-12 weeks.

Measuring Success

Regular checkups with predetermined checkpoints to make sure you're happy with the results we're delivering.

Expanding Impact

Larger, more comprehensive deliverables available after an initial successful period of work.


The Eventi Promise

Our experts specialise in helping organisations complete successful Enterprise Migrations with a variety of complementary services. We will work closely with you to design the perfect solution that meets your specific needs and requirements.

At Eventi, we strive to provide the highest quality service to our clients. Our promise is that we will work collaboratively with each client to identify and prioritise their needs while taking into account their existing cultural and organisational objectives.

We remain accountable throughout the entire process, providing transparency and regular progress updates so that you stay in control. Our commitment to you is that we will go above and beyond, leaving each engagement with a quantifiably improved data environment. With Eventi, you can trust our expertise and quality of service.